Check out a selection of our finished projects.

In almost 20 years Planeka has been able to realise a lot of dreams at home and abroad. On this page you will find a selection of projects that we have finished in the past years.

Inofec Showroom - Alphen aan de Rijn

Using the design of an external party, we have adopted the whole project with respect to the total coordination and execution of the acoustical solutions, walls, ceilings, interior construction, painting, data, electricity, floor finish and lighting. Everything in close consultation with our partners. We simplified the project where needed to realise a cost-friendly solution.

Tetra Pak - Moerdijk

In a close partnership with an interior architect, we have executed the complete design, construction and partially the exterior. Tetra Pak has been totally cleared from all worries and Planeka has guided everything from the initial plan to the final commissioning.

Indoor Skydive Roosendaal

The total restyling of Indoor Skydive Roosendaal has been executed by Planeka. While customers of the SIS Leisure Group kept making 'the jump of their life', we have technically prepared, coordinated and executed the complete appearence in extremely short time. Everything from floor to ceiling has been taken care of by us.
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Tech Mahindra

We have completely taken on The Hague, Brussels, Antwerp and Copenhagen regarding the communication with India & London with respect to the total wishes package. Our tasks included construction of the server room, both hardware as well as cabling and access control systems (fingerprint), camera security systems, beamers, monitors and all electricity and data cabling adjusted to the new situation. Eventually we have delivered 1500 workplaces.

DRV Accountants & Adviseurs

We have done several proceedings at offices of DRV Accountants & Adviseurs in Rotterdam, Breda and Bergen op Zoom. Several examples are; delivering and placing walls, applying floor finishes, interior construction, demolition and total coordination.

Spie Nederland - Roosendaal

We have rebuilt the office from a existing boring situation to a colorful environment with beautiful details. This all was including delivering furniture, the interior architecture and adjusting all plumbing and tile work in the wet groups.