What we do.

Planeka deals with all work regarding (office) buildings that you can think of. Whether it is about interior advice, renovation, construction or furnishing, Planeka offers you an outcome for every project. Of course, we prefer to take on the whole project from beginning to end, but it is also possible to let us work on seperate tasks in your project.

From placing acoustical panels to floor finishing and from the furniture to the cllimate control or access control, Planeka offers every service. Below you can find a selection of the services that we offer. Do you miss something? Feel free to contact us right away. There is a big chance that we yet deliver this service that you are looking for.

Interior design & construction

Planeka takes care of the complete design of your interior and makes sure the complete design will be realised. Your wishes and demands are the base of our design and we will make clear agreements about the eventual execution of the project. Do you want to leave the design to a third party? Then we will be open to a collaboration with your architect to realise your design.

We at Planeka even take on the moving of your office and we also deliver the project including cleaning.

Partitions & False ceilings

Planeka is an expert in advising and placing partitions and false ceilings. This was our specialism in the early years and that knowledge has been with us all these years. You are at the right place for advice about or renewal of partitions or false ceilings.

Acoustical panels
A busy and restless restaurant? Noisy reflections in a room? Or do you have other acoustical problems in a space? We are happy to help you to find a solid solution for your problem. After researching your problem, we are able to place, deliver or advice acoustical materials in an existing or new to be set up space.

Floor finish & painting

Together with the walls and ceilings, your floor finish will form the base of an ergonomic designed space. Planeka makes sure that your company has a stylish and practical floor that meets all your wishes and demands. Low maintenance? Light? Dark? Carpet, or not? We are going to discuss every question with you to come to the perfect execution of your project.

Regarding the painting we work with specialists that completely meet your demands. Together we will look for the total realisation of your wishes regarding the painting.

Air-conditioning & Climate control

Air-conditioning and climate control are essential in every office. Whether it is about making sure the temperature is right for your employees, or cooling the server room, your air- and temperature regulation always has to be right. Are you ready for a new air-conditioning system or a completely new climate control system? Does the air need to be clean and sterile for, for example, your hospital? Planeka makes sure that you have the right equipment that meet your demands. We will supply, install and run the new systems for you. Together with our partners we will come up with a solution to let your clients and/or employees come together in a perfectly regulated space.


After completion of the project, our work is not over yet. We would love to take full responsiblity of the maintenance of your building. We make an agreement with you to make sure that your buidling stays in perfect condition. Of course, we also would love to do the maintenance of your building if we haven't done your renovation in the past. Making clear agreements and fulfilling them are the most important in maintaining your building. Because of that, we would love to talk with you about how we can help you with your maintenance in the future.

Electricity, data, lighting & presentation tools

Installing electricity and data connections on all workplaces in your office is often essential for the productivity of your employees. It can also have a big impact on the atmosphere at your office, showroom, shop or other spaces. Planeka makes sure that you get the right solution for all these problems. We make a proposal about how to deal best with the problems and we will implement our solution with your agreement.

We can thereby install presentation tools that completely match your wishes on the right places. We will place monitors, tv's and projection screens that fit your room and the purpose of your presentations and we will make sure that the right connections and cables are present. Eventually, we deliver a complete solution for your problems regarding electricity, data, electronics and presentations.

Access control

It is important that not everyone can walk into every room of your office or building. We at Planeka place high-quality access control systems at your company. Together, we will look for a system that completely matches your criteria and we will make sure that installation happens without affecting your company.

All other constructional activities within your office

Do you have a question that we did not cover on this page? Do not worry. We can solve any problem that you have to deal with and we can offer a wide range of specialist solutions. Feel free to contact us by pressing here. This way, we can talk with you about what we can do for you. Hopefully, we can help you to find a solution for your problem.